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School History

St. Joseph Catholic School continues to enjoy many changes since it first opened in 1950.  Operated by the Loretto Sisters, the school initially consisted of three classrooms and 121 students. 

In the early 1950’s, the community welcomed the building of a church next to the school site. The first St. Joseph Church was a pre-fabricated, white building that was erected in one week.  To accommodate the increasing enrollment at the school, the large room that served as the church was divided into two classrooms during the week. In the mid 1960's, the permanent church was built and the students of St. Joseph Catholic School used the pre-fabricated structure as an all-purpose room.  Eventually, the little white building was torn down to make way for a school addition. 

Prior to its demolition, St. Joseph Catholic School underwent five renovations. Two classrooms were added to the north end of the lower hall in 1955, followed several years later by four more classrooms and a staff room. In the early sixties, an additional four classrooms were built and around 1970 the gym, library and an upper classroom were completed.  In the 1990’s, the building was made wheelchair accessible through the construction of a ramp to the upper hall and an elevator to connect the main floor, gym and library. 

 One staff member was at St. Joseph Catholic School for all but the last of these renovations, first as a classroom teacher and then as a principal.  Sister Anne Marie Shultz joined the staff in 1954 and was the principal from January 1960 until June 1976.  Principals who followed Sr. Anne Marie were Sr. Caroline O'Connor, Sr. Romana Gignas, Sr. Gabriel Guerin and Sr. Thomas Aquinas. Since 1976, the following principals have helped to shape the culture of St. Joseph Catholic School:  Joe Bishop, Josephine Scott, Bill Malone, Rosemary Kennedy, Mike Noonan, Paul Simpson, Joe Vadala, Abbey Densmore, Nancy Tucker, Lowell Butts and current principal Angie Bin. There have been more than 150 teachers who have taught the many students who have come and gone, as well as several vice principals, teaching assistants, secretaries and custodians.

On Saturday, November 18, 2000 St. Joseph Catholic School celebrated its 50th anniversary with a reunion and Open House. Events included burying a time capsule and dedicating a new date stone. Former principal Sister Anne Marie Schultz was on hand, as well as many former staff and students who returned for a visit and to reminisce about fond memories.
St. Joseph Catholic School amalgamated with St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School from 2000 to 2002. Students from grade three to eight attended St. Joseph Catholic School and pupils in junior kindergarten to grade two attended St. Francis of Assisi Catholic School. With the building of the new St. Francis Catholic School in 2002, St. Joseph Catholic School once again was home to students from junior kindergarten to grade eight.

Currently there are 196 families at St. Joseph Catholic School and approximately 260 students in attendance from junior kindergarten through to grade eight.  Programs such as the Breakfast Club, sports teams and intramurals and events such as Christmas on Ice and Talent Showcase serve to create a supportive community in which to grow academically and spiritually. Students have many opportunities to develop friendships and strengthen their skills and talents and are proud to call themselves St. Joseph Knights. 

Our Catholic School Council is extremely active in our school and their dedication and support is very much appreciated. They help to build community through their Annual Pasta Supper and through the countless hours they spend organizing our milk program, pizza days and special events. The Catholic School Council, together with our parish and staff, aspire to provide each of our students with the best possible educational opportunities while continuing to foster the gift of faith within each child entrusted to our care.   Our students’ faith journey is fostered each and every day and they receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation, Holy Communion and Confirmation. 

In June 2009, we celebrated the closing of St. Joseph Catholic School with a ceremony and Open House that reunited hundreds of past and present staff members, students and their families who came to bid a final farewell to the building that forever would leave an impact on their lives. Many in attendance took the opportunity to encapsulate eternal life to this special period in history by signing their names on individual bricks on the walls in the hallway.  

During the construction of the new school building, our students in junior kindergarten through to grade three were housed at St. Peter Catholic School and our grade four to eight students at the St. Stanislaus site.  An unexpected surprise was found behind the 1950 date stone, when a time capsule filled with treasures of old newspapers and memorabilia was uncovered during the demolition of the school.

In September 2010, St. Joseph Catholic School created history once again with the building of a new school.  We hope we can in some way relay the pride felt by the many students and staff members who have at one time walked the halls of St. Joseph Catholic School and we look forward to being a part of the future in Catholic Education.