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Contact Info & Map

Contact Info

10 Guelph Street, Guelph, Ontario, N1H 5Y8 
Main Office Phone Number: (519) 836-2671
Attendance Hotline: (519) 822-4060


School commences:   8:45a.m.
Lunch:   11:30a.m.-12:30 p.m.
School dismissal:   3:15p.m.

Supervision is provided at 8:30a.m. each day. 

Please ensure that your child arrives at the school after 8.30a.m. 
and is picked up promptly at 3:15p.m.


For safety reasons, parents are asked to drop off and/or pick up 
their children at the designated exits as opposed to going to 
their child’s classroom.  When picking up a student during the 
day, we ask that you visit the office and wait for your child. 
Parents are not allowed on the playground unless they have 
signed in at the office.


Media Contact

Members of the media are asked to direct all questions and requests to:
Ali Lupal
WCDSB Communications and Community Engagement Lead
Email: [email protected]


September 2003 (Reviewed April, 2007)


Area enclosed by:

Starting point: College Avenue West at Hanlon Expressway


1. East on College Ave, from Hanlon Expressway to Victoria Rd.

2. North on Victoria Rd., to Speed River

3. West following Speed River to Edinburgh Rd

4. North on Edinburgh Rd, from Speed River to Suffolk St

5. East on Suffolk St, to North St

6. North on North St to London Rd.

7. West on London Rd, to Edinburgh Rd

8. North on Edinburgh Rd, to Speedvale Ave.

9. East on Speedvale Ave to Woolwich St.

10. North on Woolwich St, (Hwy 6) to Guelph-Nichol Townline (Rd. 51)

11. West on County Road 51 to Ariss

12. West to include all of Ariss

13. South from Ariss, following Guelph-Pilkington Townline to Woolwich-Pilkington Townline

14. South on Woolwich-Guelph Townline to Speedvale Ave.

15. East on Speedvale Ave to Silvercreek Parkway

16. South on Silvercreek Parkway to CNR tracks near Paisley Road

17. West following CNR tracks to Hanlon Expressway

18. South following Hanlon Expressway to Speed River

19. South on Speed River to College Ave.

20. East on College Ave. to Hanlon Expressway

Please Note:

1) Unless otherwise noted, the home school is the one on the same side of the street as the residence.

2) Boundaries are subject to change. Please verify with school or board office.