St. Joseph CS in Guelph Relaunched Women’s Group

St. Joseph Catholic School in Guelph has relaunched a women’s group in the school’s community, becoming a hub for Tigrinya speaking families.

Nancy Giovinazzo, educator at St. Joseph CS in Guelph, approached principal Andrea Welsh-Devlin, about starting up a mother's group to help build community – an initiative that was well adopted several years ago.

“It was a goal of mine this year to get our families more involved and welcomed in our school community, so I was excited about this,” shared Welsh-Devlin. “With the help of Nahom our SWIS worker, we decided to offer an evening where moms could gather and meet with other families and share some things about school life.”

At the group’s first meeting this past week, they discussed the Tools for Life program – a program that involves self-regulation for students.

“We are hoping to provide them with an opportunity to gather as a community and bring awareness to programs that we use daily in our school,” explained Welsh-Devlin.

Currently the group is open to mothers within the Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School, St. Francis Catholic School, St. Peter Catholic School and St. Joseph Catholic School in Guelph. If you are interested in learning more or attending, please contact Andrea Welsh Devlin at St. Joseph Catholic School for information on the groups next meeting.